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Parse & Our Strategy Change

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29 Jan 2016

Parse is going to be shut down. (

Yesterday when I saw the news, I was shocked. After I read the announcement twice, I immediately shared it to Honghao (my partner on Lovever Team) with a big “What!?”. Soon he replied, “Bad news”.

Yes, indeed.

The reason we felt anxious and upset is that neither Honghao nor I know much about backend development, and we had been relying on Parse and Firebase to support our previous projects. We also had been thinking about using BaaS for Lovever before we have our own backend developers. But now we have to reconsider our strategies.

We reviewed several backup plans this afternoon, and we both agreed that no matter how we solve this issue, we need to learn backend development ourselves. Somehow I was reminded of a joke that people start to learn programming themselves after realizing how hard and costly it is to find a good developer. We are aware of the difficulty in finding an awesome backend developer in a short time and how unrealistic it is to entirely rely on BaaS. We think, “Okay, it’s time we push ourselves to ‘master’ the backend development.”

So here we go. We’ve been self-learning to develop web applications end-to-end using the MEAN stack for a while. A new challenge it is, but isn’t that exactly what we’ve been looking for all the time?

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