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Our Mission: Why We Decided to Start Lovever

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16 Nov 2015

If you don’t believe in the vision yourselves
why would others?

“Last summer, right after the 2nd anniversary of my first relationship, my boyfriend and I broke up. Before that, we had been struggling to maintain our long-distance relationship for 2 years…”

That was the start of my pitch in the Velocity Funds. My teammate Honghao, who joined Lovever in November, had some “long stories, sad endings” as well.

And look around, millions of couples are suffering out there as we were. According to a research in March 2015, 14 million couples in the US claim that they’re in long distance relationship, while 32.5% of college relationships in the US are long distance.

Except for the challenges brought by long distance, countless couples in the world just passed their honeymoon and entered their comfortable period. Many people find their couple lives are getting more and more lifeless, but they have no idea how to inject new energy inside…

After finally getting over the pain, we brooded over it: there are so many dating apps, but where is the technology that can really be helpful to those who’ve been trying for a way to relieve their suffering from long distance in every possible way?

How can we say we can empathise with the pain if we haven’t been in the same boat? There must be something we can do. And that, is why we chose to create Lovever.

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