Product Manager with love for design & data.

Software Engineer Intern (Winter 2019)
As a member of the Platform Engineering team, I mainly worked on back-office systems with large amounts of transactional data.
I focused on backend API creation, maintenance, and enhancement, with an emphasis on scaling automation tooling that significantly increased data accuracy and process efficiency.
I also contributed to architecture transition from a monolithic implementation to a constellation of micro-services through continuous integration.
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Product Manager Intern (Summer 2017 & 2018)
Powered imagination as a Product Manager for Avatar and Developer at Roblox!
In 2017, I worked on player-facing Avatar features (Catalog integration in Avatar Editor, costumes & bundles, trail effects, pose creator, animation preview, etc.) on mobile, web and Xbox. I also collobrated with 6 Product interns to redesign Develop (now Create) page. I redesigned the Trading system, which significantly simplified the existing workflow and improved users’ trading experience. I also worked on search query auto-correction & recommendation system to optimize game search results.
In 2018, I worked on designing and building Rthro and over 200 Rthro-native bundles to provide users with a sophisticated avatar editing system and an extensive virtual catalog, giving them greater customization freedom to express creativity. I also launched the new Animation Editor in Studio, and led the cross-functional team through multiple innovative iterations such as Inverse Kinematics.
More cool features are coming soon, stay tuned!
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Pusheen Sell (HackMIT 2016)
Ideator & Designer
Pusheen Sell is iOS app to help students post & browse items for sale on campus in a fun/easy way through short videos.
We won "Best On-Demand Hack" and "Best Pusheen Reference" at HackMIT 2016.
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Way to Go (Waterloo Hacks 2016)
Way to Go is an iOS multi-destination route planner with intelligent route optimization.
We were a finalist at Waterloo Hacks.
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Founder (2015 - 2016)
Lovever is a startup aiming to help couples in long-distance relationships maintain and keep developing their relationships remotely. I developed the shared vision of Lovever and led a team of 5 iOS engineers and designers to build Lovever from concept to private beta.